Farm with Precision with New Holland

​​​New Holland offers a full range of guidance solutions that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. With a full range of correction signals, New Holland’s modular solution can be used on any machine. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces mean you can use guidance with confidence. PLM® software analyses and plans your in-field tasks so you can enjoy the benefits of more efficient farming. You’ll be reducing inputs, saving you money, as well as benefiting the environment. Reduced inputs mean reduced energy-intensive manufacturing and also less wastage and run off. More efficient coverage of your land boosts your profits and gives Mother Nature a helping hand.​


​Use pre-set guidance paths to ensure the most efficient coverage of every field with the minimum number of passes. When combine harvesting you save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by guaranteeing your header is 100% full 100% of the time. When spraying you prevent wasteful over spraying, saving on inputs and also preventing potentially harmful run off. When fertilizing you reduce in-field runs and again save on inputs. Help yourself. Help the environment.


All combine and forage harvesters can offer advanced yield monitoring techniques. By precisely analyzing yields, you can pinpoint underperforming areas and focus inputs to enhance your productivity as well as keeping a tight control on them. Your wallet will say thank you. The environment will say thank you.


​You need to look after your soil, after all, it is your farm’s lifeblood and it holds your agricultural future within. Damaged soils are one of the key factors which impact on farm profitability and yields. Advanced PLM® mapping enables you to control field traffic to reduce the area which is driven over and that suffers from productivity-impacting compaction. Furthermore, advanced drainage programs can unlock the potential in waterlogged areas, and bring marginal land back into cultivation through efficient irrigation.


​When spraying, fertilizing or seeding, use advanced IntelliRate™ Control and Field IQ™ technology to precisely place inputs to ensure maximum returns. Uniform planting and crop protection activities ensure the highest yields, but also help to prevent potentially harmful and wasteful surpluses from damaging your agri-businesses’s environmental profile.